Hand Weeding Services of Garden Beds and Lawns by Your Local Gardener

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My Hand Weeding Services are the best way to remove weeds from your lawn or garden beds

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My Hand Weeding Services of Garden Beds and Lawns by The Garden Worm, your Local Gardener, in and around the City of Gosnells.

Spraying with chemicals will kill the weeds and other plants nearby, on the day and for many days to come, but you still have to remove the dead weeds later on.

Killing with weed killers can be convenient but harmful to your garden environment.

Removing them by hand before they seed will help to keep them under control or well at least well maintained.

My terms are cash on the day or EFT within 3 days, invoice and receipt will be sent via email. I do not spray chemicals and prefer organic solutions.

I usually, do not work during heat waves or on a rainy day, rain is good for the gardener but so good for the gardener.

"Weed control is the botanical component of pest control, which attempts to stop weeds, especially noxious or injurious weeds, from competing with desired flora and fauna, this includes domesticated" ... Wikipedia

"Weeding refers to the removal of weeds. Unlike tillage, primary weeding only affects the soil minimally, which is beneficial to plant growth, soil life, reducing the spawn of weeds.

Primary weeding is done to clear huge amounts of plants, weeds ie with new agricultural fields or just after winter when the soil needs to be loosened anyway. (which is done with mechanized equipment).

By contrast, weeding is generally done manually rather than with mechanized equipment and is also done regularly.

Although weeding focuses primarily on mechanical control first, chemical weed control is an additional method.

Mulching and the use of cover crops, as well as other techniques as false seedbeds, removing infected crops, closed seasons, paring, using clean tools are a preventative form of weed control." Appropedia

"Yes, weeds can be a bummer, but many gardeners don’t know there are a lot more benefits of weeds than downsides.

Besides, they’re easily controlled in the garden with mulch.

The lawn is definitely trickier.

I had one client who’s front lawn had more weeds than grass.

I knew it would take years for me to balance the soil to the point where the grass won the battle, so I was out there every couple of weeks pulling the weeds by hand.

She was a nice client, but I knew she wasn’t thrilled with the weeds, and I don’t blame her at all, but it’s important to understand why the weeds are there.

Weeds are helpful plants for your organic garden because each beneficial weed thrives in a specific imbalanced soil condition and works to bring the soil back into balance.

So if you’ve heard that healthy soil grows weeds just as well as the plants you’re trying to grow, it’s a myth." Benefits of weeds to your garden

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Sixty dollars for up to ninety minutes of Garden Services

Up to ninety minutes of garden services as needed for just six dollars, some of your franchise providers are around sixty dollars an hour.

Minimum Charge forty dollars for up to one hour

Up to one hour of garden services as needed for forty dollars, this is my minimum charge. No job too small, call for a free site visit for a free quote.