Pruning and Hedging Services by Your Local Gardener The Garden Worm

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Pruning and Hedging of small to medium trees, bushes, shrubbery and hedges, up to 2.5 metres in height

needs a pruning or hedging and shaping

Pruning and Hedging Services provided by Your Local Gardener the Garden Worm in and around The City of Gosnells.

Keep those hedges, shrubbery and bushes looking good and neat, and tidy up and shape those small to medium trees, keeping your garden looking neat, tidy and organised.

In most cases, I will not remove the waste materials created by the pruning. However, if I can use it as compost in my own garden, I will remove it usually at a cost per garden bag removed.

I am also happy to cut up waste for Council Collections and place on the verge for your collection if this is due within the week.

Pruning Olive Trees: good pruning aims to achieve an even balanced canopy. Hard pruning of the tree after the tree has finished fruiting at the end of Autumn or in early Winter is usually the best practice.

Pruning in late winter or early spring will encourage new growth when it is not really wanted.

Pruning Roses: please see my page on rose care where I offer all year round rose pruning and care.

Is it OK to prune in Winter: Late Winter or early Spring is usually the best time to prune most trees, shrubs, bushes, but generally not all.

"Pruning is a horticultural practice involving the selective removal of certain parts of a plant, such as branches, buds, or roots." from

"Houseplants can add colour and fresh air to a room. To keep your houseplants looking their best, you should prune them regularly with sharp scissors or gardening shears.

Start by removing dead leaves, limbs, and flowers on the plants.

Then, cut back overgrown branches and stems on the plants.

You should also maintain the plants by fertilizing them and watering them regularly so they stay healthy and happy." Pruning Tips from

"A good starting point for pruning any plant is to remove dead, diseased,
or damaged stems as soon as you see them.

Dead stems attract insects and invite diseases to develop.

Also remove crossing branches, water sprouts (vigorous upright growing shoots that form on trunks or side branches), and suckers (vigorous shoots that develop near or from below ground)." General pruning tips from Better Homes and Gardens

Sixty dollars for up to ninety minutes of garden services

Up to ninety minutes of garden services for just sixty dollars that's only forty per hour, services can include pruning, rose care, lawn management and general garden and outdoor area clean ups.

A Minimum charge of forty dollars for garden and lawn management

Up to one hour of garden services for forty dollars, this is the minimum charge or cost of providing general garden services, which is my minimum rate.