Do you have Small to Medium Lawns? Do you need Mowing and Management Services?

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Keeping your lawns looking good is not just about getting them mowed once a month - contact me about your small to medium lawns, for lawn management

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Your Local Gardener The Garden Worm offers Lawn Mowing and Management in and around The City of Gosnells

Lawn Mowing Services: I do not just supply Lawn Mowing services, I provide Lawn Management services, in and around The City of Gosnells, I will help to keep your lawns looking neat and tidy and healthy.

I povide Lawn Management and mowing services for small to medium lawns. Lawns don't just need mowing they also need to be regularly weeded.

Mowing over weeds is not a good idea, as it helps to spread the weeds.

I generally, try to remove large flowering weeds before attempting to mow the lawn.

Sometimes the lawn will only need to be touched up with a whipper snipper, keeping the edges looking good helps the overall appearance of the lawns.

At certain times of the year, I will advise that treating with 'weed and feed' might be a good idea to help your lawn.

I do not spray 'weed and feed' chemicals as timing is a critical part of the treatment, and is best done when the lawn is not going to be watered or rained on, which I have no control over.

I provide lawn mowing and management services of lawns, mowing, edging and hand weeding of your lawns will help to keep it looking neat and tidy and should help to improve it's health.

When to fertilise your lawn: you should fertilise your lawn at least twice a year, once in Spring to help boost growth in Summer and once in autumn to protect the lawn in Winter.

Lawn Aeration: this is a great way to get your lawn back to a healthy state and increase the results from feeding your lawn, basically you can use shoes/boots with spikes to put holes in the surface, or any other device that would produce the same results.

Lawn Grubs: Surface dwelling lawn grubs are actually moth larvae such as armyworm, cutworm and sod webworm. They feed on the lawn leaves during the night causing damage to the surface of the lawn resulting in brown patches.

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Organic lawn management is the practice of establishing and caring for a garden lawn using organic horticulture, without the use of chemical inputs such as pesticides or artificial fertilisers. Organic lawn management - Wikipedia

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Just Sixty dollars for up to ninety minutes of garden services and garden management

Up to ninety minutes of garden services for just sixty dollars that's only forty dollars per hour for garden services and garden management services of your property.

A minimum charge of forty dollars for garden services

Up to one hour of garden services for forty dollars, (forty dollars an hour) this is the minimum charge for up to one hour of garden services and garden management services.